Today’s Reminder…Life is not Perfect!

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Today’s reminder…Life is not perfect!

I can remember the first time I had seen Cinderella in the movie theater, I fell in love with the movie and it was my favorite childhood cartoon. I recall my mother telling me how much she loved watching my face light up the first time I saw the transformation of Cinderella’s torn dress turn into a beautiful gown or when the pumpkin turns into the carriage that whisked Cinderella away to the palace where she falls in love and lives happily ever after.

So here I am today, in the pumpkin patch where my children used to play when they were younger, picking the “perfect” Cinderella pumpkin in my @dRAclothing dress and out of all the pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, I end up with the one that is not perfect, didn’t even realize it was off balance until later in the evening, it was the perfect reminder that life is not perfect.

Now back to life…a reminder, your happily ever after does not have to include a prince or a princess. YOU get to create your happily forever story!

What’s stopping you?

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